Been awhile, Word Bearers, Crimson Slaughter and Renegades

Hi All,

I’ve been fairly inactive over the last bit, but I have been working on things in the background and Id like to share them today.

The first thing I worked on and finished was the Contemptor out of Calth. I did some minor customization to it, adding chains, skulls and the skin parchment to make it look a little less generic and more Word Bearer-like. After I did all the scribbles on him I remembered that Calth had come with some that would have made it easier. Whoops.


He had a name in mind when I wrote it in some semi runic scribbles on the front, but that was back in December / January and I have since forgotten what the name was meant to be. I think in future I would like to do the Helmets completely black, but here I have done a black strip down the centre for something different and rune lord brass sigils with the white scribbles. Looking at the picture here the left leg with the brighter red lines has come out much more brighter than I expected, I don’t know if its the camera or what but its annoying me. I decided on the 40k logo of the Word on the front as I felt it looked much better than the 30k one in its place.

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Unboxing of Solaq in the Lead Up to Calth


Hi All,

Originally I wanted to talk about both Solaq and Calth in this post but I might have ranted on about Solaq a bit more than I expected, So I think Ill leave it like this now and do another post on Calth,which will hopefully be a bit smaller.

In the Shadow Force Solaq, you get the following: Contents from the Sternguard box, Vanguard Box and a Land Speeder.  A shiny new Captain and some special rules. Unfortunately this box is not as good as the previous ones that Games Workshop has released, and strange that they then have done something like Calth after it where they’ve got some good savings on what you get.

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The White One, The World Drinker, Mal’Grahkor

And on the 8th day, the world bled

                                                          And on the 8th day, the world bled

Take the Eight leaders of the world you have set upon and engrave into them the Symbol of the Lord.

Take Eight of their closest advisers and inscribe them with the scriptures of hate.

Take Eight of their family and brand them with the runes of the gods. 

Form Eight Symbols of Khorne and grant them a tool of freedom. 

Speak unto them; ‘the last one with his skull may go free’, and have them set upon each other. 

When the last eight feel the rush of victory, call for me, and I will come. 

And drown the world in its blood.

-Passage of the World Drinker, Scriptures of Slaughter

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March of the Sentinels – Chaos Guard and Others

3 Chaos Sentinels

3 Chaos Sentinels

I love sentinels.

The rules are great, sure they could be better but I really feel like they are a nice price point for what they do. 3 Sentinels with 9 S6 Shots out flanking you can be a terrible thing to deal with, and thats at sub 100 points. 150 points gets you the 3 man Suicide Squad, Armoured Sentinels with Plasma Cannons, risky but fun.

Painting them is great. If you ever wanted a test model for just about anything, to see how the colour works on armor. Sents are great for that. Open Topped for people inside, variations of different armour types, pistons and an expossed engine block, several weapons and various lights, antenna etc etc.

All of these make for a good test bed. Up the top, the lead sentinel was the testbed for my Chaos Knight I built when the Knights first came out – who I will show off later in a more Chaos Guard focused list. The pure white one is my Snow theme ideas and the grey is a more urban based. Finally the blood spattered one is Luna’s testbed for painting Horus Heresy World Eaters.

I’ll do a post dedicated to my Chaos Guard and Knight later, but over the jump to see more pictures of the sentinels!

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Stormcast Conversion to Blood Angel Captain


               Issue #75 Of the White Dwarf came with a Stormcast Eternal Model, I wanted to convert into a Blood Angel Captain.
Blood Angel’s Captain  Kit Bash is the following:
Stormcast Eternal Model from the White Dwarf
Thunderhammer and Storm shield are from the BA Terminator Kit
The helm and jet-pack with wings are from the Sanguinary Guard Kit
BloodLetter Head is from the Grey Knights Terminator sprue (However, The grey knights hand was clearly clipped off)

This model counts as a Blood Angel Captain with Artificer Armour, Thunderhammer, Storm Shield and Jet-Pack

Overall I am fairly happy with my conversion, I’ve been wanting to do a model in the style of gold that I like painting.
I’m definitely going  to make a full squad of Sanguinary Guard, Due to it being FUN!!! to paint.
To be honest, I now want to own as many models as possible in BA army Listing
(Currently making a FleshTearers Army but I’ll see what I can do adding these fine beasts into the mix)

All C&C Welcomed!

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Finished!: Word Bearers Dark Apostle


So I have finally finished(mostly) painting one of my favorite conversions that I have ever done. The Dark Apostle. First time doing some free hand drawing, with the help from a tutorial from another word bearer painter

A few things to note on him; His shoulder guards are not 100% done, on his left one I am unsure of what name to put in there, or even how to do writing on silver. If you know how, please reply! And his right I want to get transfers from Forgeworld to put on there but that will be in the distant future. Lastly I need to dirty up his book a little more. But its finished enough to post some pictures up and Ill revisit him a little later.

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Bit and Kit Bash Conversions: Dark Apostle

Hi All,

One thing I really like about this hobby is kit bashing, bit bashing and making completely new looking things out of things lying about. Ive had a bit of a dry spell for awhile now with creating something new and finally got around to making a Dark Apostle.

I dont like the Games Workshop Dark Apostle to be honest. In my opinion its not threatening. I fell DAs should almost stand above Chaos Lords for the work they do and be a much more imposing presence on the battlefield and definitely in terms of model.

I really like the Word Bearers as well and would love to do them for Horus Heresy at some point, especially with Lunas wanting to do some pre heresy colours World Eaters. While looking for colour schemes I saw an army of Word Bearers by a guy on DakkaDakka, looking through it he had built his scratch built Dark Apostle. Its an amazing model and you should go and look at it and his army.

With the Blood Thirster there was a really good bit in there that was something I had been looking for to create my own Dark Apostle:

Have you heard about the primordial truth?

Have you heard about the primordial truth?

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40k Battle Dark Angels Ravenwing vs Khorne Daemonkin

Khorne Daemonkin Warlord

Khorne Daemonkin Warlord

Here it is, first battle report and a bit of a foreword. This is the first battle report Ive done and I wasnt sure how to write it up. I may do the next one in a more standard detail oreinated one thats a bit more telling of the dice rolls in future. Also, terrible camera because its a phone. And lastly we have proxied some models as I was yet to decide on if this is the way I would be going with my Chaos force.

Also we’ve both been sick over easter, theres probably some spelling mistakes, terrible grammar etc. I will review it when Im feeling better and hope to fix it up.

Luna : I would be curious to see how well the Ravenwing will hold up against the assauting squads, given Hammer of Wrath hits and Hit and Run. I inted to be aggressive to see how well I can goad his units out. And use the drop pod as a blocker, then bring out the outflanking units from reserves. I am not confident about winning but I should be able to bloody him and test out a better strategy for next time. Small table is definitely a weakness here though.

Sammael –  200pts
Ravenwing command squad x5 – / Apothecary  / Champion / Company banner
Squad Artemis: Ravenwing Bikes x6  / Flamer & Melta / Power Sword  / Veteran
Attack Bike
Land Speeder / 2x Heavy Bolter
Squad Speculum: Ravenwing Bikes x6 / Vet / Power Sword /PlasmaGun x2
Space marines x 10 / plasma gun  / Plasma Cannon / Drop Pod
Fast Attack
Ravenwing Dark Talon
Heavy Support 
Land speeder vengeance  / Assault Cannon
Sammael needs a more sturdier blade.

Sammael needs a more sturdier blade.

Arkh: Here we go, Daemonkin. Im going to go in a line of units, not caring about objectives. I have the blade of endless bloodshed and I want to try to get enough kills to see how easy it is to get blood tithe points. The BloodCrushers I hope will distract and hold up the bike units, I have the advantage of a small table. I think it should go okay for me. Even if I get horribly murdered it should me amusing.

Blood host detachment: Generate an extra Blood Tithe Point each turn.
Slaughtercult detachment: Pick a second choice on the table of 4 or less value.
HQ- 150
Chaos Lord “Zariah” / Terminator armour / Blade of Endless Bloodshed  
Warlord Trait: Icon of war, reroll charge distance
CSM x 10 / meltagun / melta bomb
CSM x 10/ meltagun / melta bomb  / Flamer
Berzerkers x10 / Lightning Claw  / rhino 
Cultists x 8
Cultists x8
Possessed x5 
Fast attack
Chaos spawn x2
Brazen Onslaught
Chaos Terminator – x3  / 3x Combi Melts  / Chainfist / 2x Powerfist 
Bloodcrushers x3 – 135pts – Represented by Bikes
Bloodcrushers x3- 135pts – Represented by Thunderwolf Cav

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Discussion: Khorne Daemonkin


The latest codex to be released is the Khorne Daemonkin. A combination between Chaos Space Marines and Khornate daemons. Here are our thoughts on this very fluffy codex.


Arkh: So the Daemonkin, thoughts in a sentence?

Luna: It looks fairly amazing and hope they do it with the other chaos gods, especially Tzeentch. It inspires me to play more chaos due to how differently it encourages me to run an army.

Arkh: I agree. With the new “Blood Host” detachment and the Blood Tithes for killing and losing your units, it certainly encourages you to be a bit more aggressive with it,  at least at first glance. We’ve not used it yet, but I do have a few list ideas which I am eager to try out.

Luna: Yeah do you sacrifice units for the blood tithe points, to summon out extra daemons, or do you try to play like you would normally?

A: So lets explain what the blood tithe points actually are and how you get them. It’s fairly straight forward, kill the enemy or get your units killed. Win challenges against enemy units or lose them, you get a point either way. If you’re running the blood host detachment then you get a point at the start of the turn, so turn 1 you will have a point to spend if need be. It’s fairly simple. There is a formation that will give you a second reward for 4pts or lower so you could at any time have 2 rewards for your army.

L: I like the update to Dark Apotheosis, hope its FAQ’d to the CSM codex. Keeping your relics after ascension, makes sense. Why would you turn into a daemon prince only to have to check your relics at the door? The plus one attack and feel no pain bonus are also pretty beneficial.

A: Yeah, and I think I will want to run it on the CSM codex any way. Unsure how I feel about “If modeled with wings it gains daemonic flight” though, I think it should be “If upgraded with a jump pack, then you get daemonic flight”.  8 points for a Bloodthirster, do you think that’s reasonable?

L: Yes, because its god damn ridiculous. Considering the amount of damage that thing can do, 8 points is fair enough.  Your opinion?

A: I’m not sure. I think if it’s played in friendly games it wont be a problem. If someone finds a way to cheese it up then it would be worrying to see multiple Bloodthirsters on the field. Depends on how easy it is to get those 8 points. I may change my opinion after we play a game with it. Onto the Warlord traits. Fairly alright.

L: I have no quarrels with them. They’re not amazing but they’re certainly helpful.

A: One thing that sticks out is the first once states “Units with the blood for the blood god! special rule”. I find it almost odd. It’s almost planning ahead – worth noting there’s a few bits of wording in this codex that are clearer than other rules in the past. Maybe they will do a splash release in future and those units will have the “Blood for the Blood God!” special rule. Other than that, Generating a blood tithe point in a challenge is quite nice.

L: Im glad its a full codex. It has the full unit entries for all the Khorne units. It sounds odd saying it but at the lead up to it people were thinking it was just going to have some extra rules and tell you what units you could use – like the end times books. It also makes it easier to field daemons and CSM together. Having them hold hands across the battlefield will make it far easier to run fluffy lists.

A: No Daemonic Instability or Warp Storm Table is good too I think.

L: No Chaos boons is bad though, and every unit that would have had it, still has to challenge wherever possible.

A: It does make me worry a bit that a 7th ed CSM codex will lose that randomness. Most dont like it but I do. While I appreciate some simplification, I liked the ability to pay a few points to get something completely random, or get a completely random reward.

L: I’d miss the Darks Gods sense of humour. Those Chaos Spawns from former glorious champions.

A: Everything gets either Mark of Khorne, or Daemon of Khorne. Sometimes both. Some units gain from this, Possessed for example. Some units lose out to this – Chaos spawn. I think this brings me to one of the things I don’t like. A missed opportunity to fix things that were wrong with some of the CMS codex. Spawns already have Rage, so the Mark of Khorne does little. Just little things like that here and there.

L: Its good to see units getting both daemon of khorne and mark where they would have it.  Furious charge and rage is always nice. Hope to see your warp talons out a bit more because of it. I wish the Mutilators would have been in there. They are designed for close combat. It seems odd they were left out.

A: I guess it makes sense that there’s no Oblits, Preds, Havocs or Vindicators. Hopefully not a sign of things to come in future for Chaos. But no mutilators? Really? I know that Tzeentch is lord of mutations and all that but still.. its very odd indeed.

L: Things have been changed for the troop choices, you have a minimum of 8 for the Cultists, CSM, Berserkers and Bloodletters. This is fairly fluffy and I don’t think it will have too much of an impact.

A: Overall its a good list of options available and its an absolute must if you were wanting to run daemons and CSM together.

L: Now formations, there’s 5 of them. Any ones you like above the others?

A:  My favourite has to be the Charnel Cohort. It’s a good one if you were wanting some Khorne Daemon allies for other armies, if you didn’t want to run with this codex. You get access to all the Khorne units outside the Bloodthirster and still get to use the Blood Tithe table. I think there could have been more. Maybe around the Vehicles.

L: I’d have to agree. It seems to be the most well-rounded formation. The others will work well in the Blood Host detachment but standalone, as something you would take with allies or as allies, I would pick this one too.

A: Just to those reading, if you also would like to take the Charnel Cohort. Id recommend going into the Fantasy section of the Games Workshops store and grabbing the Blood Tide of Khorne as opposed to the web bundle under the 40k section. And then add flesh hounds if you don’t have them or get the Dire Wolves also from fantasy plus some bases. You will save a reasonable amount of money doing that and also Dire Wolves are plastic as opposed to the resin. There are other options about to use instead.

L: Relics are amusing. Turning into a Bloodthirster when you die.

A: Feel No Pain and Eternal Warrior on a Daemon Prince.

L: Skull Helm of Khorne is nice for 15 points. I like that one the most. But they’re all pretty good.

A: Thoughts on the fluff?

L: I like the fact that they showed the factions of the slaughter cults, but I think it would have been good to have more detail on the cults that are in there rather than the half page of text they get.

A: A Couple more pages of lore would have been good I agree, but I think they did a good job with the pictures this time, also they have unit entries back which I am happy about. I was annoyed they removed the art pictures out of the first few 7th edition codexes. It’s good to see that returned.

L: The how to paint guide is good. Though it would have benefited from maybe including an image of an actual model in there as well. I know there’s the pages of models after it, but it still would have been nice to have them grouped.

A: Also why all the red? I know for simplicity’s sake you have your different coloured daemons. But Chaos Space Marines could have had some different colours to them and still be sworn to Khorne couldn’t they? The Blood Disciples are Black and Brass/Gold in the CSM codex for example. And Blood for the Blood God always looks better on white.

L: Traditionally red has always been Khornes thing, because, you know, blood. However I will admit, since the new blood for the blood god paint, different armour would look nice as the two tones of red will clash with each other. Overall I am happy with the Blood for the Blood God paint. Its amazing. *Grins*

A: Trailing off there.. The Heavy Metal paint section is a welcome addition too. Those models painted so god damn well. I wish I could paint like that. So wrapping up, final thoughts about the codex?

L: Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne! *smirks*

A: I think it’s definately a must if you play CSM and use daemon allies, almost even if you use just Khorne daemons you might like to switch over it. If you’re a chaos player and use Mark of Nurgle because it is the flat-out best, it’s probably going to be hard to convince you to change. It definitely a different way to play chaos though and I look forward to what else it may bring in the future.

L: But on a serious note, due to how smitten I am with Khorne Berserkers in general I am happy with the buffs they get with this book and the blood tithe rewards they will be pulling. Side by side with Bloodletters and other Khornate Daemons.


We will be doing a Battle Report using the Khorne Daemonkin codex later on this week.