Tyranids – Hive Fleet Nyx


I think we can all agree with the above picture. You get to the end of one project and its easier and easier to get distracted into other projects and other things you want to work on. And Deathwatch overkill came at just the right time to distract me further after the cultists of last.

Tyranids were technically my first army. Back before 2004 with the 4th edition codex I still have. I liked the idea of the unrelenting monsters and still do. I painted them Kraken because thats what on the front cover but Id always looked more fondly at the ice blues, high contrasting colours of the fleets. I painted a few, wasnt playing the game and left shortly thereafter, having my stuff sold off.


One of the first ever painted nearly a decade ago

I kept the codex though and flipped through it over the years and more so when I started getting back into 40k properly this time. I picked up some Tyranids again, painted a couple of them Kraken but could never and have never got around to finishing them. Always felt like there was something missing with the colour scheme, and the rules felt a little lackluster to 4ths mutable hive fleets. 6th was Biomancy and Flyrant crutch, now its all flyrants all the time. I still love the lore of the unrelenting monsters. The galaxy in its infinite drama unknowingly being set upon by a trillions of uncaring nightmares.


Enter Deathwatch Overkill. I spent the rumour weeks and pre order weeks looking at the all the shiny models, thinking of how they should look and be painted. Luna had suggested I do something completely different for the Genestealers. They’ve been separated from the Hive Fleet for a long time, so their colours could have changed. So I cracked open the old codex and had a long look at all the different colours. Things I could have painted and wanted to have painted.

I honestly like how this older codex had a colour section. While the newer 7ths are trying to do that. Showing the colour format in a simple picture style to help people get an idea of the colour blocks. There’s something about seeing it on the models itself, with the colours next to it that just feels better. As you can see in the below picture, they explained the different types of colours; contrasting, bright, dark and natural.

I took a particular liking to the Shadow Grey (The Fang) and Fortress Grey (Administratum). I had also taken a liking to the colours in the front page of the book, the first image was of some Tyranids painted up with what looks like Kantor Blue and Mephistion Red with Evil Suns Scarlet. Its also quite the pretty colour scheme, and I had been liking the Shadow Grey one for probably the longest. It was a hard decision… so why not both?


I had a core idea of the colour scheme: Drybrush the fang over black, Admin grey on the shell and Red spiky bits for a bit of contrast. After looking at the pictures a bit, I thought hang it and started painting one of the Genestealers out of the Deathwatch box. The process ended up being; Spraying black then a very thin coat of abaddon black before I started doing a light drybrush of The Fang until it was at a colour I liked. I think you could edge highlight the black with the Fang and still get a good result, but Im lazy and I still ended up happy with the result:


Onto the shell. The picture in the codex obviously has some tone to it, so I started with a dawnstone base over black. I then washed it with Nuln Oil to get it in the recesses, and started highlighting back up with dawnstone, then lines of admin grey and finally some admin mixed with white in some places.


What I like about these newer Genestealers is the fleshy bits in the shell, and I wanted them to stand out. I picked purples as I thought it would add do the contrast of the dark blue, and grey-white shell. The process was easy with Nagaroth Night, Nuln wash, then highlights of Genestealer Purple and Xeres.


Finally, the spiky bits. Red, glorious red. Mephistion, Evil Suns and Edge highlight of Fire Dragon Bright. And Genestealer Cult Nyx is born!


After I did these guys, I stared at unfinished Trygon Ive had sitting around for awhile and wondered how it would look on a bigger monstrous creature, and after much time consuming effort that Ive given it a brief pause after I got to the base:


Hive Fleet Nyx is born!

Those that are still Hive Fleet Kraken will remain so for the most part. A couple of warriors may get stripped down or painted on the unfinished ones. My Toxicrene can stay as he is and Ill leave the Broodlord out of the deathstorm box Kraken as well. But I am much happier with these colours.



I do look forward to a Tyranid update in the future, and I would like to see mutable genes of some form or another brought back. Its something that looks really fun to do, and can make your hive fleet unique. I did see someone post that it was pointless because people would field the same thing as everyone else because its the best. To that point I would wager a counter point that its going to happen either way. People will constantly go after the min maxing in any army if thats what they want to do. Mark of Nurgle on everything, As many flyrants in an army as possible, Grav Cents with Libby, etc. I just would like to see a bit more variaity and bringing the rules up to the level as all the others in 40k. Case in point; Hormagaunts have Bounding Leap, +3″ to run. Wulfen have Bounding Lope; Charge after running. And they’re not the only ones that can engage in charge shenanigans.

Anyway, here is Hive Fleet Nyx, out of the depths of the vastness of space to consume all. I wish I could say its now back onto finishing the Crimson Slaughter, but Ive done some of the Deathwatch Space Marines, the 30th anniversary made me paint something special in honor of that and Games Workshop finally acknowledging Chaos Knights made me think about adding liveries to my knight that I built when they first came out. So all that, then back to Crimson Slaughter!




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