Been awhile, Word Bearers, Crimson Slaughter and Renegades

Hi All,

I’ve been fairly inactive over the last bit, but I have been working on things in the background and Id like to share them today.

The first thing I worked on and finished was the Contemptor out of Calth. I did some minor customization to it, adding chains, skulls and the skin parchment to make it look a little less generic and more Word Bearer-like. After I did all the scribbles on him I remembered that Calth had come with some that would have made it easier. Whoops.


He had a name in mind when I wrote it in some semi runic scribbles on the front, but that was back in December / January and I have since forgotten what the name was meant to be. I think in future I would like to do the Helmets completely black, but here I have done a black strip down the centre for something different and rune lord brass sigils with the white scribbles. Looking at the picture here the left leg with the brighter red lines has come out much more brighter than I expected, I don’t know if its the camera or what but its annoying me. I decided on the 40k logo of the Word on the front as I felt it looked much better than the 30k one in its place.


The top of the chassis and along the sides I lined with runic scribbles again, around the front of the gun barrel and as you can see on the picture below I also did it around the fist. And a bit of blood for the blood god also goes a long way with Chaos.


Finally cutting up and sticking the Ultramarine head on there was the hardest to do but I’m glad I stuck with it. Yes yes very punny. I haven’t painted much of the Ultramarines, and haven’t even got around to my Captain conversion yet, but I like how this colour came out and it was a good test of sorts.

Sticking with Chaos theme of this post, my Crimson Slaughter get some more finished models. The current Chaos havocs are a bloody joke, not only do the models look terrible but the price is the same as the devastators with all the new and shiny bits…. So I decided to build my own Havocs.


The way I’m trying to build my Crimson Slaughter army is of that of a recently fallen Space Marine chapter, that is, trying to stay fluffy. As such I’m trying to keep them in a structure similar to a demi-company. This is the “Devastators” of that company named Thunder


Squad Thunder here are Auto cannon Havocs. I wish Heavy Bolters were better, but I think sacrificing the one shot on each to give a wider range of targets is worth it. And there is pleasure in rolling that many S7 attacks across the table.

The conversion for these was pretty easy. I had been planning this one for awhile and been hoarding all the autocannons from my Sentinels for this conversion. All I did was cut the barrel of the HB off, the barrel of the AC off, and then put it on the HB. One of the Heavy Bolters is from the old Dev kit, 2 are from the newer kit and one is from the sternguard kit I think. beenawhile04

Lastly I used that pointing army from the dev kit on the squad leader to make him fit in with that Devastator style along with just a chainsword to keep him cheap and a raptor helmet. The Raptor kit has so many good bits in it.

The final things I have finished over the past few months, these ones from the past few days is new units from my Renegades. Both conversions themselves have been sitting around for nearly half a year but I find I get lazy and dont immediately jump to painting them. I should change that.

These guys are both for my Psykana Division in my Chaos Guard. I dont play Renegades though I should get that codex, rather just chaos / normal looking guard that are slowly falling to chaos. Both of these two have fallen off the deep end though.


First is the Primaris Psyker, Yural The Speaker. Prior to discovering his talents he was a preacher of the great four in the Cult of the Crimson Dawn. He tells the story of a waking dream where Nurgle, Slaanesh and Tzeentch told him he would do great things and free his world from Imperial tyranny. Upon awaking he found himself with the knowledge and power of a Psyker, since then he has been working hard to discover the secrets of summoning the never-born into the material realm.

While Khorne didn’t visit him, and he understands Khornes lack of caring for Psykers, he believe he is still blessed by the brass lord. In the following weeks of his dream, Yural felt a sudden urge to kill his life long friend and take his skull. He did, and even though it has been some years since then, skull has never stopped weeping blood.

Yural the Speaker still fills his role as a priest while being a psyker, inscribing his robes with runes, tattooing his body with symbols of the gods and writing scriptures in veneration on the weeping skull. His book at his side is both of spells and lore of the gods to instruct those on the right path to follow.


Conversion wise this is a simple conversion from the Cultist leader out of Dark Vengeance. Just adding a few bits and pieces here and there to make him look a little different. Above you can see my attempt at the Tzeentch symbol on his left shoulder, along with some other tattoos. Below, similar tattoos, Slaanesh on the same arm and Nurgle on his chest. Honestly I derped the nurgle flies a little, but they’re in a hard to see position so I left it.


Here you can get a better look at the Weeping Skull. The Chaos symbol on it and the scribbles all around it.


Jaccus was always good at keeping people in line, even better at killing one to keep the rest in line. As a commissar in the Astra Millitarum he always read up on ways to keep his charges obeying better. Sometimes this involved torture, sometimes it involved poison. Eventually the 4th Squad of the 16th Infantry division from the Plainsmen of the Planet Emlen Garrison had enough. They shot him several times, beat him black and blue, took a chainsword to his arm and pour the poison and acid he kept on him over his head. Finally they dragged him out into the street and dumped him, leaving him for dead.

In the shadows Yural had been watching, delighting in the cruelty of the humans that had done this to him. As Yural walked over to the half dead corpse he saw the anger and unwillingness to die in Jaccus’s eyes. How could any servant of the gods leave such a determined man die, he surely would serve the gods Yural had thought.

As he was nursed back to health, The Speaker told Jaccus of how the Gods had been the ones that were responsible for his ability to survive, that they had seen something special in him. He told Jaccus to thank Grandfather Nurgle for his resilience and determination. Slaanesh for the exquisite pain that he was able to endure, the pain his face must be in and how he was able to excel at all the different ways to keep other obedient. Tzeentch for the ability to change, Jaccus body accepting his new prosthetic so willingly, and the greater plan that was in store for him. And Khorne for the blood he had spilt, and the revenge that would see more blood flow.


Jaccus had never been a spiritual man, he accepted Yurals care and accepted the offer of joining him. He acquired a new sword and laspistol. To hide his face he donned a helmet with horns and on it he painted the symbol of Khorne, because if there was any gods out there, one that could help him get his revenge he would definitely be a servant of.

A minor conversion of a warriors of Chaos helmet, necron arm and then the hand from a Scion. While I didnt take any clear pictures of it there are scribbles Im pretty happy about, with a large letter opening the script and then scribbles along side. You can kind of see the K in the first pic and the Y in the second. Im happy with how he turned out for such a minor conversion though.


Here is my Psykana Division all together. My chaos guard are done in Rhinox hide and grey pants hence the difference in look. These guys are wood elfs that I did up as Wyrdvanes a long time ago. The flag carrier in the back is just part of the 10 man squad I painted up but he will probably see use if I have the points. I think there is a lot of summoning fun here, especially with 10 man squads and 3 commissars, so we will see how that goes in future if I get to it.

Next up is to try and continue finishing my Crimson Slaughter as its so close, starting with the Plasma Chosen.. yes.. again, another conversion done ages ago and I’ve left it sit in a box.

And that does the really fucking lengthy post. Thank you for getting this far if you did, and sorry as well. Ill try and shorten them down in future, though maybe once a month progress isnt too bad.


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