Forge the Character, Ultramarines Captain WIP & Calth


Hey All,

Id like to challenge all the fellow bloggers who stumble across this post to “Forge the Character” over the next month or so. Though I expect to end up being the only one doing it, its quite simple; Make a character and tell us his back story, play a few games with him and describe his feats. It can be anything from a Dreadnought or Tank Captain, to a Helbrute or Eldar Autarch. It doesnt matter what race or what, just to make a character and tell us about him. You dont have to build something new if you dont want to, you could just tell us of the Nid Warrior that solo’d a space marine captain.

I am building something special, here is my Ultramraines captain, the marine to lead the my Ultramarine force.  I have built him from the Solaq captain. He is exactly what I was wanting out of this kit and I cant wait to paint him up. I am still working on what to do for the backpack, and I am a little stumped with it, torn between having one and not having one at all. Perhaps someone from a command squad standing to next to him? As for Name, Exploits and lore background, Ill get to that eventually.

ultracaptain1 ultracaptain2

Once I finish building him, I will work on his Vanguard friends

On the Calth front, something I am very excited for this release. Ive been working out what to do about what goes where and I think I have finally worked it out.

The Chaplin is going to join the ranks of the Dark Angels.  The Terminators and Contemptor are going to the Word Bearers, adding skulls and chains to them on the conversion side, will have a better idea once I have the models in hand.

The Ultramarines will be keeping their 10 troops, Dark Angels will probably get 10 and the last 10 may go to Crimson Slaughter as the theme with them is the somewhere in between being chaos and not.

I think Ill do a bit more a write up of the conversion ideas once I have the box this Saturday. Though ive played the board game in store and also found that quite enjoyable, if a bit convoluted.

Thats all for this post. Hopefully some of you will join me in this character building idea, and I will post up a bit more details of the character once the modeling is finished. Thanks for reading


10 thoughts on “Forge the Character, Ultramarines Captain WIP & Calth

  1. I have a dreadnought called Dennis. He was actually recruited into the Decimators Space Marine Chapter due to mixed up records and somehow managed to survive all the trials and surgeries. He excelled as a warrior but never really embraced the warrior culture and mostly enjoyed collecting stamps when not flipping tanks. I figured in the 10,000 years of Space Marine Chapters just one dweeb had to fall through the cracks. I’ll take the challenge though, I am a little more proud of my WIP Chapter Master Nikandr

    • Lmao, is there a picture of Dennis up on the blog? Ah awesome, glad to have you on board 😀 and would this chapter master be based off that forge world captain model you had up? Been checking in looking to see him get painted up in the Decimators colours.

      For anyone else whos not done so, go over to and take a look at his home brew chapter. They’re done in a very crisp clean Camo Green and Black which Ive not seen much of in space marines, and chapter backstory here:

      Its unfortunate that WP Reader doesnt support his page so you have to do it the old fashioned way and actually go and visit the blog from time to time 🙂

      • I think there’s a picture on one of the WIP posts but like I said I’m really behind on my blog. Yeah my Chapter Master is based off the forgeworld model. I’ll stick up a pic soon as he’s like 90% done.

        I’ll need to investigate why reader doesn’t work on my blog I thought it did.

  2. Good idea. I try to come up with a bit of backstory for every new squad or character I add to my collection, it really brings a lot of depth to the army overall. Of course I’ll never be able to top Dennis the Dreadnaught…

    Regarding the Ultramarine captain – he’s looking good so far. Personally I’d highly recommend giving him a backpack – I’ve been in the position of debating whether to include one on a model myself but in the end they’re such a distinctive feature of the space marines that if it isn’t there it looks like something is missing. Looking forward to seeing his story and the rest of his vanguard.

    • Do you have a new story to tell soon to join in on this Forge the character idea then? 🙂

      Ive decided on the plastic space marine captain clampack, to use his backpack and maybe change the top from a skull to something a bit different. Will get that tomorrow morning when I get my box of Calth 😀

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