Finished! Albino Word Bearer Bloodletters


So here are the first things I worked and finished since the break. Been awhile but it was good to add these guys to the line up. These were done in the same way as the Bloodthirster and turned out pretty good. I think its definately going to turn into a whole army of Albino Khornate daemons.ย More pictures after the bump.

Bloodletters03 Bloodletters05 Bloodletters08

Blue Eyes worked out alrightish, and I also tried black at some peoples recommendation on Dakka, but I settled with the Red/Orange. Felt it looked better as you can see below;

Bloodletters09 Bloodletters02

Some family photos as well:

Bloodletters07 Bloodletters06

Thank you all for looking through, its good to be back. (And I really need to work on the terrain.)


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