The White One, The World Drinker, Mal’Grahkor

And on the 8th day, the world bled

                                                          And on the 8th day, the world bled

Take the Eight leaders of the world you have set upon and engrave into them the Symbol of the Lord.

Take Eight of their closest advisers and inscribe them with the scriptures of hate.

Take Eight of their family and brand them with the runes of the gods. 

Form Eight Symbols of Khorne and grant them a tool of freedom. 

Speak unto them; ‘the last one with his skull may go free’, and have them set upon each other. 

When the last eight feel the rush of victory, call for me, and I will come. 

And drown the world in its blood.

-Passage of the World Drinker, Scriptures of Slaughter

Meet the Blood Thirster I have called Mal’Grahkor.  An Albino Blood Thirster I have been working on for over the past 5 weeks. Originally I was going to do him in black, and have it be very traditional. And then I got the idea in my head to scrap that and do something different. This is the result.


After weeks of fighting I finally saw him, the one our informants had called “The White One” or “The World Drinker”. A white Bloodthirster, clad in word bearer coloured armor.  Was he a part of their legion? In the past perhaps? What deeds had he done to join the ranks of the greater demons? He whirled into the battlefield like all of his kind do, joined by others of his ilk. 

This is when I noticed that other lesser demons were also albino, not all, but some, enough to be noticed. Were these part of his legion? Even some of these were wearing armor or designations that would link them to the Word Bearers. Was this legion of Khorne some how bound to the word bearers? Or was this a plot just to make me ask these questions and throw confusion into the mix?….. 


…..and then, in the middle of the battle he stopped, grabbing one of the corpses off the ground and began eating it. Tearing the soldier in half and then squeezing the blood into his gaping maw. A laugh as he tossed the body into its former friends, who were all very terrified at this point mind you, an almost human laugh, if he was human, I would make the observation he was heartily enjoying his time.

He picked up another body and turned to face me, hard to say if he was looking directly at me as were some distance away from this scene. I broke eye contact to scan the lines, this world was lost. I boarded my transport and prepared an Exterminatus. This Bloodthirster begs some interesting questions to be asked… 

-Excerpt from The White Bloodthirster dossier, by Inquisitor Markus van Gull

Bloodthirster7 Bloodthirster6 Bloodthirster5 Bloodthirster3

What do you think?

Also if you’re using word press reader, yes, some of the formatting is a bit screwy.


7 thoughts on “The White One, The World Drinker, Mal’Grahkor

    • The wings are also from the same white dwarf as where I did the fire for the dark apostle, just bugmans glow and them crimson wash. And them I dry brushed bugmans & cadian flesh tone over it lightly. Tip for building it, leave either the wings or hands off for painting . maybe even both. He was hard to paint in some of the smaller spaces where I couldn’t angle the brush because of the hands/weapons or wings.

  1. Really, really like what you’ve done with this model. Shows how a paint job can make a model unique without the need for any converting. You’ve really nailed the white skin and the blood effects – nice one 🙂

    • Thank you 😀 Yeah its good that hes become so different, I am doing some blood letters this week so it will be interesting to see how the skin tone looks on a smaller scale.

  2. Oh man, that Bloodthirster rocks! Well done. I really enjoyed the fluff you written. It enhances the models.

    The pale white skin is awesome. I always struggle with it.

    • Cheers, and good to see someone liking the odd bit of fluff I did for him 😛

      Yeah, whites always a pain. This was Rakarth Flesh, Flayed One Flesh, Riek fleshwash then I drybrushed pallid wych flesh and some bits of druchi in the recesses.

      Started on some blood letters in the same colour scheme, will try try brushing and actually painting and see how it turns out on smaller models. Hopefully still good.

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