The Lab: Draznitch’s Ravagers


Hi All,

Starting a style of posts which is currently named The Lab. I like list building, from things that may appear competitive, to game breaking things I would ban in a minuet, to the fun and the silly. And Id like to share these. This one being the first also allows me to show off a squad sitting in the painting que that I converted up a bit.

Looking at the picture, Im sure you can see where this is going, so click through and I shall  continue.

I really like the Crimson Slaughter and their codex. Them and the word bearers are my favorite chaos armies for oposite reasons, which I will go into another time, but the codex for the Crimson Slaughter is a fun one, another attempt to add fluffy into the game.  Sometimes, Fluff can be abused. One thing you can take as part of a Crimson Slaughter force is Draznitch’s Ravagers for a measly 10 points, you can upgrade the squad leader of a Chosen Squad to gain Preferred Enemy. If you don’t know what that is, it allows you and the squad to re-roll 1s To Hit and To Wound…


Now Chaos Chosen themselves are quite nice. I like them, even if they are over priced apparently. Boltgun, Bolt Pistol and CCW, as well as being able to access 4 power weapons and a heavy weapon or special weapon. Instead of the power weapons though, they can access 4 Special weapons, plus a 5th instead of a heavy weapon. And the Squad Leader can take their usual Ranged/Melee Weapon listing.

So lets take a look at the list thats forming:

Draznitch’s Ravagers

  • Chaos Chosen x 8
  • Squad Leader with Combi-Plasma
  • 5xPlasma Guns
  • Prefered Enemy
  • Rhino
  •  Total – 274

The summary; In a turn, if you time it well, you can have 12 S7 AP2 hits that reroll that all important gets hot roll, so missing on 2s, and then, when your shooting with something that in most cases wounds on 2s, you get to re roll the 1s. Those that hit you’re guaranteed a wound from almost.

I built this list for two reasons, the first was a throwback at Luna. Her Blackknights with Twinlinked Plasma Talons really fucking hurt, and while re-rolling jink means she can still avoid the worst of it against the Ravenwing, shes felt the plasma burn in other battles. The second was because the chosen in the DV were begging for a conversion, the CCW weapons they get out of the box feel so mismatched, so I thought; why not have plasma?


The pros to this list are fairly singular. Even with the Rhino, the second they get out they’re going to get attempted murder by anyone with in range the next turn and thats happened every game these guys have been in. Their singular purpose is assassination. Pick a squad that you want to kill and make that the objective. The rhino acts as a delivery, with two guys firing out of the top and the protection, hopefully someone will wreck the Rhino and you can get out in a position that protects you from other units firing at it. If they can get within Rapid Fire range after exiting the Rhino, then you can mince whatever squad you’re wanting to make go away ( unless they have storm shields 😦 Lunas New BA Captain managed to eat 4 shots on the shield after its Sanguinary Guard were removed from play).

They’re not just a one trick pony though, Strength 7 can do a great array of damage to different things, Vehicles and Monstrous Creatures of all sorts. They are an all rounder to a degree but do excel at picking on a certain target, and you’re not going see them live for much longer once you’re opponent works out what your game is.

This brings me to the negatives about them: They’re nearly 300 points, which can be spent in other areas. Another Heldrake if you’re into that sort of thing. The Rhino has to get them there, which can be a pain to achieve.  Along with being expensive, they only have a 3 plus save, this is why I use 8, extra two wounds to soak up before the important ones get knocked off, you can increase this to 10, which then pushes the point count to 300 and blocks out space that ICs could use to join the Ravagers on their ravaging crusade.

Even with the negatives I have had a lot of success with them, I feel they’re competitive enough to take place in most lists, even with their point cost and they certainly cause you’re opponent a bit of pain, especially when they realize whats going on at the last possible moment.


Now, onto the conversions,

Quite simple conversions to the Dark Vengeance Chosen kit, with some sternguard arms here and there and the including a combi-plas off that sprue. The chain swords and corresponding arms are off the Raptor kit. And the guy above has a normal plasma gun from the space marine kit. Remember, Crimson Slaughter have only recently left the arms of the Imperium, so I have tried to reflect that in them.

I really like the DV Chosen, I really want them to do a proper kit for these guys, and until they do,  the runt below will stay. He is from the normal CSM kit.

The Runt

The Runt

So theres that! I have a few more ideas for ‘The Lab’, but please tell me what you think of it and of the conversions I have done!

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “The Lab: Draznitch’s Ravagers

  1. I like the Lab idea. I’m always up for a good read like this, especially with some actual modeling to back all that theory up.

    All plasma with PE is a powerful combo. I can’t really see them getting far up the pitch. Their Rhino will be a top target and will probably be wrecked turn one (if your opponent brings any decent shooting that is). If you want to run them with a Rhino I would put a Dozer Blade on it. You can then hide the rhino and manoeuvre through terrain with a lot less risk of immobilization. Only 5 points makes it a solid buy.

    Another route would be to buy a bunker with an escape hatch. A little more pricey, a little less mobility but you will control two large parts of battlefield.

    • Yeah so far the rhino gets by on lucky terrain masking and the odd cover save from units in front. The Dozer Blade is a great idea and I will give it ago next time. Havent used fortification as part of armies. What benefits would a bunker give? Just making them harder to kill? And can units be assaulted while in bunkers?

      • The bunker is basically an av14, 4hp immobilized transport vehicle. 8 models can fire out of the bunker. The escape hatch is placed within 12″ of the bunker (I believe you can placed beyond your deployment zone). You can exit the bunker using it.

        Remember that claimed buildnings are scoring as well.

  2. Yeah, anything that gives plasma the ability to re-roll 1’s is huge, I agree.

    Yeah, you’ll want to hide that rhino that has the high value target in it. The dozer blade isn’t a bad idea, though you could also try hiding it behind another rhino. 🙂

    • Yeah, hide behind a land raider too or playing shuffle cups with 3 rhinos as part of deployment 😛 Think I will be trying the dozer blade. If it works I will build it into their rhino.

      • Personally I also find the dirge caster to be an invaluable upgrade to chaos vehicles given how cheap it is in points for what it does. With foes like Tau, one well placed dirge caster at the right moment can be huge.

        As for the dozer blades, I find the re-roll’s to test for immobilized huge. When my husband was building his Ultramarines back when he played, I was thankful he magnetized some of those hedge row cutter-looking things for his vehicles. I find them highly useful and when I do try and leave one off to save points, it is usually either on a rhino that contains a shooting unit or on a lead rhino that I figure is going to get killed turn one – two anyway.

      • Some great ideas thank you both :D. Will try and get a dirge and dozer in on a rhino and see how I go. Though I am considering the structure idea from a holding ground standpoint. hmmm

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