March of the Sentinels – Chaos Guard and Others

3 Chaos Sentinels

3 Chaos Sentinels

I love sentinels.

The rules are great, sure they could be better but I really feel like they are a nice price point for what they do. 3 Sentinels with 9 S6 Shots out flanking you can be a terrible thing to deal with, and thats at sub 100 points. 150 points gets you the 3 man Suicide Squad, Armoured Sentinels with Plasma Cannons, risky but fun.

Painting them is great. If you ever wanted a test model for just about anything, to see how the colour works on armor. Sents are great for that. Open Topped for people inside, variations of different armour types, pistons and an expossed engine block, several weapons and various lights, antenna etc etc.

All of these make for a good test bed. Up the top, the lead sentinel was the testbed for my Chaos Knight I built when the Knights first came out – who I will show off later in a more Chaos Guard focused list. The pure white one is my Snow theme ideas and the grey is a more urban based. Finally the blood spattered one is Luna’s testbed for painting Horus Heresy World Eaters.

I’ll do a post dedicated to my Chaos Guard and Knight later, but over the jump to see more pictures of the sentinels!

I did these awhile back so there is definitely some room for fixing up some of the paint jobs, and especially the base. Im sure ill take a look at them again at some point.sent003 sent008 sent007

Cant see well enough? Just grow a Tentacle out of your neck!

Cant see well enough? Just grow a Tentacle out of your neck!




The less Chaosified ones;

sent009 sent010

Snow theme, still some ideas tinkering and dear god is white a pain

Snow theme, still some ideas tinkering and dear god is white a pain, Also, weapons are magnetized on this one, just couldnt find one when I did it.

Lunas World Eater Experiment

Lunas World Eater Experiment

Thanks for reading / viewing!


6 thoughts on “March of the Sentinels – Chaos Guard and Others

    • yeah, 20pts for sentinels, even at BS2, seems crazy, Heavy flamers or the rocket pod things those ones can take to negate the BS2 issue, or just heaps of Multi lasers just to throw dice at the issue and hope it goes away. I really want to get IA13, but for now Ill just run it as guard.
      For me, fluff wise it makes more sense to run it as Guard still. People seem to have this black and white view on Chaos. You’re either not with Chaos or you’re completely insane, but what about those who are slowly sliding into chaos, not even aware they’re doing so? Theres a middle ground and definitely a point before you’re running around shouting blood to the blood god in every second sentence.
      I wish normal IG were not come the apocalypse with Chaos, would make for some different lists.

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