Finished!: Word Bearers Dark Apostle


So I have finally finished(mostly) painting one of my favorite conversions that I have ever done. The Dark Apostle. First time doing some free hand drawing, with the help from a tutorial from another word bearer painter

A few things to note on him; His shoulder guards are not 100% done, on his left one I am unsure of what name to put in there, or even how to do writing on silver. If you know how, please reply! And his right I want to get transfers from Forgeworld to put on there but that will be in the distant future. Lastly I need to dirty up his book a little more. But its finished enough to post some pictures up and Ill revisit him a little later.

Bunch of pictures after the jump …

Just to talk about the various colours incase you came here to see how things were done (which I should have put in originally, sorry!)

The armor is Rhinox Hide base, Khorne Red and then highlights with Mephiston.  Null in the recesses. Black Shoulder pads were Black + a bit of Eshin, then washed with Druchii. Silver is silver, no higher than ironbreaker though except for extreme highlights.

The bronze is Balthazar Gold, heavy nuln wash, Runelord Brass, then the brightest silver on the extreme highlights.

The cape on the staff was starting with screamer pink, working up Khorne red and then Mephiston highlights with Carraburg wash lightly to help blend it, the text was uthewan grey.

Flesh cape; Bugmans, Cadian, heavy mix of fleshshade and agrax wash, dabs of Druchii and Carraburg here and there. Black and Kislev mixed for the writing and skull. Better tutorial here for all of that though.


Flesh cape! Really happy with how this turned out, was really difficult to do though.

wbda2 wbda3 wbda5 wbda6

Hope you all enjoyed! Would like to hear your thoughts,


8 thoughts on “Finished!: Word Bearers Dark Apostle

  1. Nice miniature. I like the cape a lot. I don’t have a lot of experience with capes, banners, etc. and I’ve been waffling about what to do with a bloodletter banner I’m painting. I think I might do something more like what you’ve done with the salmon (what color did you use for that if you don’t mind my asking?) and the red edging.

    I also like the black skull on the cape — nice job there as well. The burning skulls and flames remind me of the ones I saw in White Dwarf #57 in the Bloodthirster spread.

    • Hey thanks! Of course not, this hobby is all about sharing. I really should have been a bit more descriptive in that post than I was sorry.
      For the red cape I started with screamer pink, leaving it in the recesses and doing khorne red on the more raised sections, then mephiston red on the highlights, then a light wash with carraburg crimson. I may have then tipped it with meph again. White scribbles was uthewan grey as its not too white.
      i57 is where I got the painting how to for it. The WDs are sometimes basic but its generally good info and tips in them to work from. Always get it for the paint splatter.
      Thanks, the skull was the first freehand I’ve really done. I used Step 12 in the link as an example to work off;
      Hope that helps, look forward to seeing the banner on your blog 😀

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