Bit and Kit Bash Conversions: Anti-Ship Cannon and Assassins


As you can see from the picture above (If it hasnt randomly selected the Assassins or Dark Apostle WIP because picking a random picture from the post makes sense in reader :S) I may have butchered a limited edition model for my own purposes, but I think the finished product here looks better than the plasma cannon. And I intend to convert the giant plasma cannon into something else. As for the above I’ve had this idea for awhile to create something that looks like its designed to fire into space and bring down capital ships.

There is artwork floating about, I believe in the Astra/IG Codex of a city lined with guns firing up into space and I wanted to create something like that, that looks big and imposing on the table. A good objective for an army to capture and its also going to take part in a campaign that myself and Luna are working on, but more on that another time.  Also its good to probably add read more after the jump thing in right? I dont know, will see how it looks for this post….plasmaoblit1

Here is some detail I added on the front, the idea behind these bits is some minor air defense / anti missile system to shoot down anything hostile coming towards it. I need to green stuff it up a little though and maybe add some more bits to it but it will stay more or less the same. If you’re going to put it together, ignore the instructions for the middle bit and do it as below;


Put the circle bit together but put the plates onto it with these struts instead of the side pannels to hold it up. I found that putting it together instructed, the leg bits did’nt all sit flat and would slip under while waiting for it all to glue to the main structure. It was a mess and a pain. Super glue may be adivised as well, I used plastic and it did go a bit iffy. Final advice is to dry fit everything before gluing it together.

All in all, really happy with the model and glad I swapped it out. Even if I use it as a plasma obliterator, I prefer the way it looks now to whats on the box. What are you thoughts on it? And have you used it in a game or come up against it?

In other news, picked up the assassin box set board game. It is a really fun game thats’ pretty quick to play. Hope to go through a review with Luna this week. That said, the sculpts on these models are amazing and it is absolute BS they havent sold them separately. Oh well, thats games workshop for you. If you can wait for them, do it. If you really want some nice looking models and cant wait, then pick it up, board games fun and I cant wait to paint these models.

Oh, be careful with clipping the calladus’s (the female assassins) sword off the sprue, I had the cable snap at me which resulted in 30 mins of swearing and sweating trying to get it looking right.

Last thing; Dark Apostle is coming along nicely:



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