Bit and Kit Bash Conversions: Dark Apostle

Hi All,

One thing I really like about this hobby is kit bashing, bit bashing and making completely new looking things out of things lying about. Ive had a bit of a dry spell for awhile now with creating something new and finally got around to making a Dark Apostle.

I dont like the Games Workshop Dark Apostle to be honest. In my opinion its not threatening. I fell DAs should almost stand above Chaos Lords for the work they do and be a much more imposing presence on the battlefield and definitely in terms of model.

I really like the Word Bearers as well and would love to do them for Horus Heresy at some point, especially with Lunas wanting to do some pre heresy colours World Eaters. While looking for colour schemes I saw an army of Word Bearers by a guy on DakkaDakka, looking through it he had built his scratch built Dark Apostle. Its an amazing model and you should go and look at it and his army.

With the Blood Thirster there was a really good bit in there that was something I had been looking for to create my own Dark Apostle:

Have you heard about the primordial truth?

Have you heard about the primordial truth?

I think conversions are good to share, and I would like to see people take my ideas and do something even better. I created this model out of  many bits; the main body is that of the Aspiring Champion kit, his left arm is a generic chaos space marine one, with the hand and staff from the Chaos Terminator Lord kit. The Star on top is from the new BloodThister model. His right arm is from the sternguard kit, and the closed hand – which is probably not the best one – is from the Grey Knights terminator kit. He is holding the book from the Chaos Lord Terminator kit and several chains from that kit. Also from clippings off the boltguns of chosen that are in the Dark Vengeance box set. Lastly his backpack is from the CSM kit and the cloak is the Termi lord cloak. One shoulder pad is from the CSM kit and the other is from the sternguard kit. The brazier in front of him is from the corpse cart of the vampires and he is on a 32mm base because he looked stupid on a 25mm.

..No? Let me tell you about it then..

..No? Let me tell you about it then..

Really look forward to painting this guy, I just gotta work out the colours for him and how I want to do some Word Bearers. Will do a few test models before I start him. I am also contemplating adding a flag or something on his backpack…. maybe.

Thanks for reading, what are some of your favorite conversions you’ve done? Or others that you like?


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