40k Battle Dark Angels Ravenwing vs Khorne Daemonkin

Khorne Daemonkin Warlord

Khorne Daemonkin Warlord

Here it is, first battle report and a bit of a foreword. This is the first battle report Ive done and I wasnt sure how to write it up. I may do the next one in a more standard detail oreinated one thats a bit more telling of the dice rolls in future. Also, terrible camera because its a phone. And lastly we have proxied some models as I was yet to decide on if this is the way I would be going with my Chaos force.

Also we’ve both been sick over easter, theres probably some spelling mistakes, terrible grammar etc. I will review it when Im feeling better and hope to fix it up.

Luna : I would be curious to see how well the Ravenwing will hold up against the assauting squads, given Hammer of Wrath hits and Hit and Run. I inted to be aggressive to see how well I can goad his units out. And use the drop pod as a blocker, then bring out the outflanking units from reserves. I am not confident about winning but I should be able to bloody him and test out a better strategy for next time. Small table is definitely a weakness here though.

Sammael –  200pts
Ravenwing command squad x5 – / Apothecary  / Champion / Company banner
Squad Artemis: Ravenwing Bikes x6  / Flamer & Melta / Power Sword  / Veteran
Attack Bike
Land Speeder / 2x Heavy Bolter
Squad Speculum: Ravenwing Bikes x6 / Vet / Power Sword /PlasmaGun x2
Space marines x 10 / plasma gun  / Plasma Cannon / Drop Pod
Fast Attack
Ravenwing Dark Talon
Heavy Support 
Land speeder vengeance  / Assault Cannon
Sammael needs a more sturdier blade.

Sammael needs a more sturdier blade.

Arkh: Here we go, Daemonkin. Im going to go in a line of units, not caring about objectives. I have the blade of endless bloodshed and I want to try to get enough kills to see how easy it is to get blood tithe points. The BloodCrushers I hope will distract and hold up the bike units, I have the advantage of a small table. I think it should go okay for me. Even if I get horribly murdered it should me amusing.

Blood host detachment: Generate an extra Blood Tithe Point each turn.
Slaughtercult detachment: Pick a second choice on the table of 4 or less value.
HQ- 150
Chaos Lord “Zariah” / Terminator armour / Blade of Endless Bloodshed  
Warlord Trait: Icon of war, reroll charge distance
CSM x 10 / meltagun / melta bomb
CSM x 10/ meltagun / melta bomb  / Flamer
Berzerkers x10 / Lightning Claw  / rhino 
Cultists x 8
Cultists x8
Possessed x5 
Fast attack
Chaos spawn x2
Brazen Onslaught
Chaos Terminator – x3  / 3x Combi Melts  / Chainfist / 2x Powerfist 
Bloodcrushers x3 – 135pts – Represented by Bikes
Bloodcrushers x3- 135pts – Represented by Thunderwolf Cav

Mission: The Crusade


Deployment, with Scout Moves

Deployment, with Scout Moves

Ravenwing have the Initiative

Ravenwing Turn 1

With the sun high in the sky, Ravenwing move fast to intercept the traitors before they get their chance to cut the cities inhabitants down in the name of their dark gods.

The Drop pod screams in, off target and landing too close to the Chaos units, disgorging their Space Marines on the far side of the lander. As the dust settles the Ravenwing bikes have burned up the city quickly and are already in shooting range. The Vengeance coasting off to the side to launch its plasma blast.

The Dark Angel Space Marines open fire at the clump of traitors heading their way, the Cultists in the front are smashed by bolter fire, but the dust of the cooling down drop pod sees that the Space Marine accuracy is off the mark, and only four go down.

On the other side of the field, the Land Speeder Vengeance charges up and fires is large ball of plasma at the rhino transport, as its assault cannon sprays fire peppering the area around the transport. The Plasma Storm Battery fails to make its mark properly, blasting chunks of concrete that crash into a nearby cultist taking cover, smashing his head open. The cultists cheer “Blood for the Blood God” as another three of their number are taken down from another Plasma blast. This time coming from Sammael who was trying to also get the Chaos Rhino, worried about its contents.

Meanwhile, cutting down the middle of the city junction, Ravenwing Squad Speculum opens fire at the Crimson Slaughter traitors. The Red Armoured marines dodge through the fire and shield themselves behind the first of their number, who takes a plasma blast to the chest. Killing him instantly.

As the Cultists see the blood of their fallen friends smeared across the ground, madness and fanaticism takes hold. In fear, instead of running, they begin shouting names to their heretical gods in offer of their favour they


Khorne Daemonkin Turn 1

Blood Tithe: 3

The traitor legions respond. The Khorne devotees move further into the city. The chaos rhino carrying the beserkers moves in to chase the Veangence, enraged by the attempts it made to kill them.

The Black Legion and the Crimson Slaughter move up to lay down fire onto the drop pod, it blocking their path to more enemies to kill, maim and burn. The experienced Black Legion falter, but the Crimson Slaughters hits true, causing the drop pod to explode.

Those devoted who had become spawn bounded towards the bikes of Squad Speculum, like hounds to prey but mindless in every aspect other than to kill. The Bloodcrushers also wanted a piece of Squad Speculum and the Daemons bounded towards the Ravenwing bikes while they were distracted gunning down a Chaos Spawn.

The squad of Space Marines turns its attention to the deformed mutant space marines making their way across the terrain, bounding towards them, the dust still stealing thier accuracy. The plasma gun must have suffered damage on the way down, it exploded as he fired, slathering him in plasma and turning him into slush.

After encouragement from the Zariah, the warlord of the Khorne Daemonkin, the Possessed charge in through the cover, smashing into the Space Marine squad who were still getting their bearings through the dust. Zariah also waded in to join the melee, calling out the captain who accepted the duel before he knew what he was getting into. The blade of endless bloodshed took his head with a single swing as he charged in to meet the arch traitor. Another Space Marine was caught in the back hand. As the marines push back against the possessed of Khorne their speed and sharp claws minced them in return.

Squad Speculum didnt know what was ontop of them before it was to late. As they cleared the city junction, picking on the slower Chaos Spawn unit, 3 Bloodcrushers came ouf of the next street and smashed into them. The speed and weight of the daemons attacks cut them down without even a chance to reply.


Ravenwing Turn 2

Blood Tithe: 7

Overhead the Ravenwing Dark Talon Screamed, looking for targets to decend apon as Squad Artemis, busy taking the long way around the city appeared behind the Crimson Slaughter and the Black Legion. The Land Speed dived in from above, slightly missing its intended mark though.

The Vengance backed away from the fast aproaching Rhino, firing off its plasma burst and assault cannon landing a penetrating hit, shaking the crew. The Land Speeder followed, with its two heavy bolters, snapping off the tracks and forcing the Rhino to be completely useless. Filled with rage and untold anger. The Bezerkers charged out of the wreckage, taking cover breifly while they worked out which vehicle to kill first.

Firing down to the junction

Firing down to the junction

The Dark Talon swoops down, targeting the Bloodcrushers as they picked apart the remains of Squad Speculum. Wittling them down with the Hurricane Bolters and Rift Cannon. Sammael Also sought revenge for Speculums slaying.  Firing his plasma cannon down street and into the Daemons. They recoiled at the blast, their tether to the mortal realm further weakening. The Command Squad, Embers Bane, tried to finish them off but to no avail. The Bloodcrushers roared in fury back at the squad.



The bikes of squad Artemis gunned it. Trying to make up for the time it took to bank around the rear of the chaos forces. Firing their twinlinked bolters in sprays, knocking several of the Crimson Slaughter traitors off their feet but not enough to down them permanently, they pressed the charge, smashing into the traitors. The Crimson slaughter were ready for them, they’d set up spikes to damage the tires, Squad Artemis fell for the trap, the blows were exchanged, the Crimson Slaughter Captain entered a duel with the captain of the Ravenwing, and there would be no escape for them.


Khorne Daemonkin Turn 2

Blood Tithe: 8

Rewards: Bloodthirster & Feel No Pain

Khorne smiled down upon the battlefield. Daemons, Possessed, Warbands leader and even the Chaos spawn had done something to shed blood. The Black Legion squad had not been as useful, there was no blood on their hands. He decided to make the Black Legion squad leader useful, as a gateway. The screams were of pleasure and pain, mixed together. He rose into the sky, then, faster than a blink smashed him into the ground in an explosion of blood. Out of the blood came a Bloodthirster. Ready for war. He let out a roar that envigorated all of the khorne followers at his sight, they would fight and ignore pain.

As the Bloodthirster swooped overhead, trying to tear the Dark Talon to shreds, everything below was moving around, positioning to charge the Dark Angels in every corner of the battlefield.

As the roars above of a jinking fighter and a daemon from another reality fought above them, the Bloodcrushers that had been bloodied by Sammael and his Command Squad charged. Galloping down the street, Sammael order them to be put down, the Embers Bane answered. The bloodcrushers vapourized in short static bursts of ethereal rips in reality. The sigh of releif was broken by a second group of bloodcrushers rounding the corner, laying hidden in a building with the possessed jumping out of the windows.

Sammael, calling out the leader of the possessed traitors, jousted with him. The possessed stumbled as he picked himself up from jumping out of the building, a fatal mistake which saw Sammael run his blade through the daemons head. Khornes favor of ignoring pain was ignored here as the daemon and former human screamed from the mouth in their chest. Sammael smile at his victory was quickly stolen, as he saw Embers Bane mauled and wiped out by the Bloodcrushers cunning strike. He revved the engines and gunned towards the junction to find Squad Artemis.

Fifteen Traitors and their leader descended upon the six bikes. The leader of the Crimson Slaughter beckoned to the leader of the Ravenwing Squad, they charged each other. The red traitor jumped in the air as the loyalists power sword cut beneath him. Almost in slow motion he brought his chainsword into the bikers path, letting his own momentum do the cutting for him. As the head rolled away, the last three remaining bikes broke free and put some distance between them.

In the backfield the Beserkers clambered all of the vengeance, beheading the crew and the spawn caught and brought down the speeder. With them both smoking ruins, the crazed men and beast made their way back to the junction.


Ravenwing Turn 3

Blood Tithe: 6

As the Bloodthirster cut overhead, the Dark Talon hit its retro thrusters and span around, hoving in the air it quickly burst its Hurricane Bolters at the giant daemon. To the pilots dismay, only a single bolt shell managed to make the beast notice; though it didn’t even flinch and kept on flying.

Sammael cut his forward engines and swung the bike around, hovering backwards, he fired off his plasma cannon towards the chasing Bloodcrushers and Possessed. Hit smashed into another half daemon and turned it into slush.

The remnants of Squad Artemis, in anger turned their bikes around. Flooring it while firing they managed to smash into the Crimson Slaughter. One of the Traitors managed to get run over by the Ravenwings steeds, but in almost in an act of revenge got caught in the wheels, flipping the rider off his bike and into a group of the Crimson Slaughter with their chainswords revving. The last two of Squad Artemis cut their losses and ran.


Khorne Daemonkin Turn 3

Blood Tithe: 7

Rewards: Daemon Prince and Feel No Pain

Khorne rewards those who preform well at killing.

Khorne rewards those who preform well at killing.

Khorne again smiled down onto the battlefield. The leader of the Crimson Slaughter band of traitors had been especially devoted and he was rewarded for it. The traitor Astartes grew large and mutated into something much much bigger than the rest of his squad as the warp infused with him. He let out a roar in joy at his new form, picked up a near by heavy bolter and charged towards the junction. Zariah led the rest of the Crimson slaughter towards the last of squad Artemis.

There needs to be an option to sacrifice a unit for failing a 2.1 inch charge

There needs to be an option to sacrifice a unit for failing a 2.1 inch charge

The attack bike of the Ravenwing had arrived just previously, firing sprays at the Black Legion as it arrived. The Black Legion turned around and marched forwards.They shot their bolt pistols at it, killing the gunner, ready for a charge to finish it off. They were so close they couldn’t fail to charge, so close but not close enough, all managing to fall flat on their faces. Close enough to hear the Ravenwing laugh at them as he rode away. Khorne was not pleased.

Sammael felt the air tingle and tasted ozone, he turned around and braked just in time to see teleport flares and three terminators appearing out of nothing. They fired their meltas at him, trying to quickly catch him off guard. He rolled the bike out of the way, cutting right with the intention of circling around and heading back the way his strikeforce had come. Sparing a look left as he entered his turn he saw the Bezerkers clambering over the hovering Dark Talon, jumping on it from the near by building, trying to lodge krak grenades and hitting it with their chain swords. As he looked into his turn. a daemon prince and a group of crimson slaughter marched up through the buildings towards him. The Bloodthirster dropped down next to them and roared at the Dark Angel leader.

Sammael, with no escape

Sammael, with no escape

As he continued the turn there was an opening for an escape, the Dark Talon exploded and crashed to the ground, he shot at the spawn that was charging towards him, not enough, it caught him and pinned him. Just in time for the bloodcrushers to smash into him. He blinked in the dust, he had been knocked off his bike. As the Warlord of the traitors cut the head off his last squad, he saw a daemon stand above him, ready to remove his, “Skulls for the Skull Throne” it his at him.


 This went really well for me, one of those times where it wont happen again. I really like the blood tithe points and rewards. We’ve been pretty sick in between playing this game and writing it up. I went out and grabbed some daemons. I would like to try a list that uses the standard CAD detachment with a BloodThirster as a HQ choice, which is why I got one :). Ive never used Daemons before so this is all new and fun to me. I do like the aggressive CC. Even if CCs not a strong way to play this game, the blood tithe makes it heaps of fun.

Luna: I will get my revenge…. And my god will you hear about it!! Fucking Bloodthirster…

Arkh: So there it is, Khorne Daemonkin, there will be another battle in the future. I will change the list up though to a CAD detachment with more daemons and see how that goes. And Luna will have her revenge, but we shall see about that. I am very happy about the codex and any future things like it. There are some issues with it not ‘fixing’ certain units and then they will continue this way into their 7th edition codexes – seeing as though they were the first of the hardbacks, they are 5th editions currently for Chaos. Tzeentch Daemonkin will be fun and any more like it I think. Definitely looking forward to more battles with them though.

Thanks for reading if you got this far, please post your comments, we would like to hear them!


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